StRa Plots
StRaPlots creates graphical represetations of your data. The input file to StRa can be created by many different ways. You can create the data file using any text editor and saving the data with the ".pld" extension. If you are a programmer, you can create the data by a simple procedure from your program. If you use Excel or similar tool, you can export the data selecting a colum or a row,save the data series in a file and thed inser it to the pld file you are creating.
The plots can have the following forms:

Each plot can have the user-defined background and colors. The plots can be exported in the form of 24-bit color bitmaps (.bmp). You can inser the exported files to your texts or presentations or open them using any image editor, like Paint for further editing and/or printing.
If you are a programmer, you can execute StRaPlots from your code, using, for example, the WINEXEC or similar command, with the StRaPlots command line.
In your code, you can easily insert instructions necessary to generate the required data file (see data formats). Then execute StRaPlots as an external program and terminate your program or make it wait some time.
You also can display stored (exported) images loading them from the corresponding files.
The same data file can be used to generate a bar plot.
Surface images (functions of two variables). See the examples below.
Color-value map of a function of two variables
straplots002003.jpg straplots002002.jpg straplots002001.jpg
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