FLUIDS6.2 update New version: Fluids6.21

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Click here to Download Fluids6 package (fluidsetup.exe, about 50 Mb). Last update: February 24, 2015

NEW: Internal initial conditions (inside the duct) can be defined in a selected region. Some bugs fixed, better memory management.

New in Fluids6.21:

The "Slow mode" simulation has been disabled. Models with low velocities are treated in the same way as those with higher velocities.

In version 21 you can define both environment temperature (gas case) and the initial temperature. The initial temperature of gas can also be changed using the "Temperatures" option of the boundary conditions menu. Some improvements have been made in the simulation numerical procedure and manor bugs fixed.

Note: This version of Fluids6, supports multiprocessing (up to 8 processors) and offers better resolution in 3D space. New feature: imported auxiliary drawings.

Contact: stanracz@stanr.com

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