A micro-simulator for road traffic

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Traffs is a road traffic micro simulator develpped by Stanislaw Raczynski, who is the owner of the corresponding copyright (2008). The program has been coded in the Bluesss Simulation System, which is the C++ version of the PSM++ package.

"Micro simulator" means that the program simulates the traffic in a relatively small local square area (50x50 to 200x200 meters), which may contain several roads and crossings at one or more levels. The scenario is three-dimensional. Traffs includes a road editor that permits to create simulation scenarios. The simulation is discrete-event, object-orietned. The vehicles are simulated as objects that move according to the routes they must pass through, lights, interactions with other vehicles, their speed and other variables.

Note: You must have a fast computer with a good graphical card. On some systems the animation becomes very slow, even if the machine is fast. This may be caused by a malfunctioning of your display. Try to re-install the last actualization of your graphic card driver, mostly available from Internet.

The traffic rules are defined by the road and route parameters, general traffic rules and crossing lights. No other rules are applied, like traffic signs. The vehicles are not "intelligent". They move due to their speed, over the pre-defined routes. The model consists in the following components.

Roads. They can be one or two-way roads, up to 30 road sections, each one with up to 10 lanes. The road can have an auxiliary lane at the middle, used for the left turn. However, the left turn can be simulated from any lane (normally the leftmost one), if the crossing has the lights with the left turn arrow.

Routes. A route is a sequence of one or more sections of the road lanes. The routes are user-defined. For each route the user defines the traffic intensities (cars per minute) for each of the four car categories (small, medium, large very large).

Crossings. A crossing is an intersection of two roads. The roads must be straight; no crossing of a curved road section, except the "roundabout", can be simulated. Crossing can be equipped with lights, which parameters (light location, direction, corresponding lanes, times) are user-defined.

The model can also contain pedestrian crossings. Note that the path of pedestrians is treated as a model road.

Cars. The model permits cars of four categories: Small, medium, large (truck), very large (Double-Trailer Truck). The user defines the average speed for each car category. The traffic intensities (incomming cars) is defined by the user for each route and for each car category.

The Simulate option of the main menu invokes the model simulation. The simulation form appears and you can define simulation parameters, like start and final time, given as hour:minute for the simulation (the current model time will appear on the analog clock). The time interval for the simulation should not be very large. Use the time interval of several minutes.

The "Helicopter view" simulation option makes the point of view (viewer position for the animated simulation) change automatically, as if you were viewing the scenario from a moving helicopter. If not checked, you still can change the viewer position manually, during the animation.

A demo is available. It is the trafs.exe program, with the save option disabled. So, you can read a model from examples provided with the package or create your own small projects and simulate them. Consult the help/manual file provided with the program. To get the demo download the zip file from

http://www.raczynski.com/pn/roads.zip (fast demo, extract all files, execute roads.exe)

To aquire the full version of the program (US$ 129) press the button below:

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