PASION 32 ordering and demo download
For Delphi 4, 5, 6 or 7

Note: From May 21, 2000 the cost of the limited student/demo version is US $ 20. This is the complete package with some model size limitations.

FREE : Click here to download: Robot Kinematics demo.  Download, unzip it and execute robo2.exe. Consult:

FREE : Marketing model.  Download, unzip it and execute mshape.exe

Note: Sometimes a download executed from a browser terminates prematurely. If this happens, Winzip will not open the file. Try again to download, normally the second trial is successful. If the problem persists, contact me at the address below

To order PASION, do the following: 
Open the page
Now, you can order the Student/demo version for US $ 20, or the full version for US $ 90, paying with your credit card. From the same page you can also order the new Simulation Encyclopedia, consult

If your payment is approved, you will be able to download the file. Then, unzip the file to a new subdirectory of your hard disk (default name is PASIONW). For this, you will need the password that will be sent to you by e-mail. To run it, execute PASION.EXE. For your convenience, create a direct access to PASION.EXE on your Windows desktop.

After downloading, send a message with your contact data to: 
In the reply to your message you will receive the password necessary to unzip the files. If you order the full version, you will receive an additional file to remove the student/demo limitations. 
For more information contact:
Stanislaw Raczynski

Main PASION page:
Simulation software and consulting:
Ordering information (payed by check):
Secure on-line order form (payed by credit card):

Delphi versions 4,5,6 or 7
(A note for PASION users)
The actual version of PASION32  works with Delphi  4,5,6 or 7. If you change (upgrade to newer one) Delhi version, simply change the settings of the SETUP option of the PASION main menu.  Remember to indicate the exact path to the new Delphi command-line compiler.  
PASION will NOT work with the free trial version of Delphi. Note however, that if you use two or more different Delphi versions, some problems may occur.

This is a passive DEMO; Running it you can see some PASION features, but you can not run your models. It is available from DOWNLOAD here. To run the demo download the DEMO.ZIP file, unzip it to a new directory on your HD and run DEMO32.EXE. The file about 3Mb long and expands to about 20 Mb on the hard disk when unzipped. To execute the demo, you should have your screen configured to color of 16 bits or more (NOT 256 colors or 16 colors ! ).  If you have or will order PASION, install PASION to a directory different from the demo directory.