Problems with your homework on simulation? Preparing your thesis ? Developing a project ? Improving your plant or office ? Teaching or learning computer simulation ? Just need to simulate something ?

        Queuing Model Simulator (QMS). Low cost, independent queuing simulator. Supports up to 1000 blocks, like queues, servers, assembly,conveyores etc. No other software needed. NOTE: do not confound QMS with the queuing module of PSM++  simulation system. PSM++ needs Delphi 5, 6, 7 or 2005. QMS is not a part of PSM++. This is a stand-alone application.  

   HERE you will get help.

Computer simulation is a tool that can help in design, research, optimization or "what if" tasks in any discipline. We have many years of experience in simulating such things as control systems, mechanical devices, growing populations, ecological problems, legal processes, manufacturing plants, mass service systems, liquid flow, robotics and more. 

Note that the help you get here has some limitations. If you need only an advise or even a simple custom simulation it is free. However, I mainly use the PSM++ simulation system, so if you need help on another of (hundreds) of simulation packages, I may not be competent. In this case you must consult the corresponding software provider. There are several requests I get everyday, so my time is also limitted. This means that I cannot solve for you complicated problems as a free help. Anyway contact me if you are in trouble.  

It is known that SIMULATION IS FUN ! But it is also extremely useful as an additional tool for your project. It can provide a valuable support for your thesis, research or other tasks. We offer a wide range of services: from a simple (free) advice, to entire custom simulation programs, with the cprre`ponding documentation. You also can get a low-cost simulation software. For more information cotact please:

Stanislaw Raczynski

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A bank division animation

Fluid flow simulation

Robot kinematics. Inverse problem - moving over a given route

These are only few examples of what you can simulate. We will be happy helping you !