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Modeling and computer simulation are important interdisciplinary
tools. Recall that
modeling means to find relations between
systems and models. Models are abstractions of real or
imaginary worlds we create to understand their behavior,
play with them ("what if" experiments), make projections,
animate or simply have fun.

Computer simulation is the process of implementing models
on computers. To do this, you must have an appropriate simulation
tool. Forty or fifty years ago, a simulationist had to be a mathematician
and a programmer. Now, a good simulation software should do the
task as simple as possible. What the simulationist must understand is
the structure and the dynamics of the modeled system, and the aim
of all the simulation task. The rest (mathematics and coding) should
be done by the software.

It is not an easy task to select a good software tool. Looking at the
Directory of Simulation Software, edited by the Society for
Computer Simulation (SCS), you can see more than 130 languages
and packages, and this is only what the SCS considers as most
relevant in the field. The package prices oscillate between 25 and
several thousand dollar and hardly reflect the real value of the
software. But what exactly mean the terms like simulation, modeling,
discrete events, queuing models, continuous and combined simulation,
bond graphs, signal flow graphs, ODE, and hundreds of other terms?
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