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Before you start reading: There is a C++ version of PSM++. Click here to see the package summary.
PSM++ works with Delphi 2007 or later 

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    PSM++ is an object-oriented, Pascal-related simulation language. The language has a clear process/event structure and is equipped with appropriate environment. PSM++ translator generates a Pascal source code that can be run using a Pascal compiler. The actual version generates code compatible with the Borland's Delphi 5,6 or 7, personal, standard, home or professional. 

Recently, PSM++ becomes quite popular. For example, if you search for +PSM+++simulation in the Google search engine, you will get more than 500 Web pages that have links or refer to the PSM++ Simulation Software.

The following features make PSM++ the most complete and versatile simulation tool.

Efficient scheduling and event queue management.

Inheritance mechanism, that permits to add new properties to old processes without intervening the source code of processes declared earlier.

State events. Discrete and continuous objects can run concurrently. The state events can be activated by continuous objects as well as by logical conditions changed according to the model state.

The library of  PSM++ predefined processes contains various frequently used processes, e.g. a rigid body dynamics, and several helpful processes that handle graphics and show simulation results.

Program generator for ODE (Ordinary differential equations) models DIFEQ. The user can provide the model equations or use code generated by the signal flow modlue (FLOWD) or the bond graph module (BONDW). If you use FLOWD or BONDW, then the system equations as well as the PSM++ and Pascal codes are generated automatically. For models of any of these types the transient process simulation as well as frequency response (Bode and Nyquist plots) are provided.

Program generator for queuing models QMGW. This module includes graphical editor for queuing schemes, program and report generators.

Program generator for continuous processes FLOWD described by signal flow diagrams or block schemes. 

Bond Graphs editor and analyzer BONDW. This module includes a Bond graph editor and a program generator that creates source Pascal and PSM++ code for a given Bond graph model.

PSM++ Animator.
2D animator is a new, quite easy end practical, mainly for applications in manufacturing. As the animation scenario, the user can insert any bitmap, created by Paint or similar tools, or a photo of the real scenario. The model icons will move over the scenario on their predefined routes. 

VARAN: Post Mortem analyzer for stochastic (discrete and continuous) models. Shows variance, confidence intervals etc. as functions of time, particularly useful for the statistical analysis of transient processes.

Complex System Simulator CSS. Very useful for combined systems, permits model coupling. Submodels of different types (queuing, continuous, etc.) run concurrently in the same simulation program. Needs no or very little programming. Generates PSM++ source code.

PLATFORM: PC, min 64KRam, Windows 98 or later, NT or XP.

The above figure shows a simple model of breaking the rack, where each ball is a model object and moves according to its own rules, receiving external forces from other objects, friction and the table limits. This is only one of possible PSM++ applications. The following screen shot shows an example of a PSM++ model of a manufacturing system. You can analyze bottle-necks, get necessary model statistics etc. See more in

The whole system can be used to simulate a great variety of systems, from physical ones to queuing models, manufacturing, automatic control and many others. See the PSM++ demo  for the simulation run (animation) of a manufacturing model and examples of many other applications. Consult also the journal SIMULATION (November 1997, J. & S. McLeod, "Simulation in the Service of Society") for a PSM++ (PASION) review. 

Example of a PSM++ result screen. The probability distribution for the length of a queue, plotted as function of time and of the queue length.

PLATFORM: PC, min 64KRam, Windows 98 or later, NT or XP.  Necessary software: Borland's Delphi 6,7 or 2005.

DEMO: Click here to download it.

Lecture Notes on Modeling and Simulation - slides and auxiliary meterial for a complete course on M&S.
 ROBOT Kinematics
New demo: road traffic simulator, coded in Bluesss, the C++ version of PSM.
olGame program. You can create, edit and calculate trajectories of 3D abstract particle systems, creating particle clusters and "molecules". Click here for details.
Consult the following link to a summary of the last book on computer simulation by Stanislaw Raczynski: 
Link to the book summary
 CARDYNS - vehicle dynamics simulation   
SimBall - a System Dynamics tool - works WITHOUT Delphi  !!   
An independent Queuing Model Simulator QMS  (this is QMS, not PSM++). No Delphi needed!
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C++ source code generator for queuing models. Click here.
Simulation services: custom simulations of manufacturing systems, queuing models, mechanisms, vehicle dynamics, fluid dynamics and other
Consult the curriculum of Dr.Raczynski at 

REMEMBER: PSM++ needs the Borlands Delphi. It creates Delphi Pascal source code.


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