Stanislaw Raczynski


    Some examples of the phenomena of general relativity are simulated. This provides a graphical and quite illustrative sight on the main general relativity concepts. The simulations include solutions in  3D (XY +time) and 4D (XYZ+time) spaces. The solutions are more general than those which can be obtained analytically. For example, the approach to the black hole is simulated not only as a radial particle movement, but as an arbitrary trajectory in the 3D space. The distortion of images of far objects seen through a neighborhood of a black hole is simulated using photon trajectories in 4D space. Also the entrance of an arbitrary trajectory into the horizon of the black hole is simulated both with the coordinate time (seen by the static observer) and with the proper time (clock) of the moving body. Time distortion at the neighborhood of the black hole is shown as a 3D “space-distortion” plot. Interesting simulation experiments are also shown for the rotating black hole.

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