PSM++ Demo
This is a passive DEMO; Running it you can see some PSM++ features, but you can not run your models. It is available from DOWNLOAD here. To run the demo download the DEMO.ZIP file, unzip it to a new directory on your HD and run DEMO32.EXE. The file about 3Mb long and expands to about 20 Mb on the hard disk when unzipped. To execute the demo, you should have your screen configured to color of 16 bits or more (NOT 256 colors or 16 colors ! ).  If you have or will order PSM++, install PSM++ to a directory different from the demo directory.

Bluesss demo: Bluesss is a C++ version of PSM++. This demo also shows examples of possible applications of the Bluesss system.

NEW: The road traffic simulator TFRAFFS is available. Consult