Simulation System
Blues Simulation System:  C++ source code generator  C++ version of the PSM++ Simulation Package
Simulation, Discrete Events, Continuous Models, Animation, Bond Graphs, Signal Flow Graphs, Queuing models
Bluesss is compatible with the XE4 or later, C++Builder Starter.  Bluesss creates C++ source code for your model. You can run and edit it using C++Builder.
Bluesss stands for Blues Simulation System. It is a new version of the package PSM++ that, in turn, evolved from the PASION (PAScal simulatION) software. The main difference is that PSM++ produces the Delphi Pascal code, and Bluesss generates C++ code.
It is an object-oriented, simulation package, which uses the Bluesss language for the model specification. The language has a clear process/event structure and is equipped with appropriate environment. Bluesss translator generates a C++ source code. The actual version generates code compatible with the Embarcadero (TM) C++Builder Starter version (Studio 10.2) or equivalent.. 
The following features make Bluesss a complete and versatile simulation tool.
Efficient scheduling and event queue management.
Inheritance mechanism, that permits to add new properties to old processes without intervening the source code of processes declared earlier.
State events. Discrete and continuous objects can run concurrently. The state events can be activated by continuous objects as well as by logical conditions changed according to the model state.
Program generator for ODE (Ordinary Differential Equations) models DIFEQC. The user can provide the model equations or use code generated by the signal flow modlue (FLOWDC) or the bond graph module (BONDWC). If you use FLOWDC or BONDW, then the system equations as well as the Bluesss and C++ codes are generated automatically.
Code generator for queuing models QMGWC. This module includes graphical editor for queuing schemes, program code and report generators.
Program generator for continuous processes FLOWDC described by signal flow diagrams or block schemes. 
Bond Graphs editor and analyzer BONDWC. This module includes a Bond graph editor and a program generator that creates source Bluesss code for a given Bond graph model.
Bluess Animator.
It is a new, quite easy end practical, mainly for applications in manufacturing and mass-service queuing models. As the animation scenario, the user can insert any bitmap, created by Paint or similar tools, or a photo of the real scenario. The model icons will move over the scenario on their predefined routes.
VARAN: Post Mortem analyzer for stochastic (discrete and continuous) models. Shows variance, confidence intervals etc. as functions of time, particularly useful for the statistical analysis of transient processes.
PLATFORM: Windows VISTA or later, including Windows 10. It runs on any system where C++Builder does.
The Bluesss system can be used to simulate a great variety of systems, from physical, continuous dynamic, queuing models, manufacturing, automatic control and others.
Below you can see some examples of the most frequent applications.
The above figure shows a fragment of a Bluesss model of a manufacturing system. Red boxes are waiting lines or buffers, blue blocks are servers (service operations, machines, robots or production cells), green vertical ones are assembly operations. The user draws the scheme on the screen and defines the block parameters. Then, Bluesss generates the Bluesss source code, translates it to C++ and invokes the C++Builder, so you can see the code and run the simulation.
Example of a Bluesss result screen. The probability distribution for the length of a queue, plotted as function of time and of the queue length. This is only one of multiple plots and screens produced by Bluesss.
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