Using PCBGERB you can create and edit printed circuits (PCBs), as well as generate the corresponding Gerber files.
    Starting new PCB you define its size, number of layers and the step of the grid used to place items. Tle item position may snap to the grid or not. The following item types are supported:
   Circular or rectangular pad
   Filled kontour
   Thermal element
   IC, standard, surface-mount or PLCC
   Connector (linear array of pads)
   Copper poure
   Automatic router to create traces.
   Silkscreen and soldermask.
   Arbitrary PCB outline
   The size paramaters of all the above items are user-defined.
The PCBGERB editor permits to place items, move or delete the selected ones, add new layers and edit layers.
One of the fetures of PCBGERB is to generate gerber files for the created PCBs. The following files are generated (* stands for the project name):
    *.gtl - the top layer (1) gerber
    *.gbl - bottom layer
    *.gtn - layers n=2,3,...
    *.drl - drill file
    *.gto - silkscreen,if any
    Free demo: Use the demo button at the top of this page to download the demo. In the demo version you only can retrieve and edit a demo example. Save and gerber generation are disabled.
    NOTE: PCBGERB generates gerber files, but does not import and display them. The web is full of free gerber file viewers, so use one of them to view a pcb from a gerber file and to verfy the files you have generated.
    NOTE: PRBGERB does not support blind or buried holes that may be used in multilayer PCBs.  Design with more than two layers are subject to some limitations, see the help file.
The price is US $ 25.00
When we receive the payment, you will receive the e-mail message with download and installation instructions. Send us a message if you have any questions.

Surface-mount dual, quad
Golden fingers
PCB outline