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NOTE:  Probably our credit card acceptation system will be changed soon. If you cannot access it or if you have any problem while processing your credit card payment, you can pay as follows.

1. By check, drawn on a Mexican, US or Canadian bank, payable to STANISLAW RACZYNSKI
2. By a money order for STANISLAW RACZYNSKI

The addres to send the check or order:
P.O.Box 22-783, 14000 Mexico City, Mexico

The cost of the ImgMan program is US$19, or equivalent in Mexican peso if issued for a Mexican bank.

Please send us a copy of the check or money order by fax no.  (52 55) 56 55 44 67 , Mexico City
Simultaneously please send us an e-mail message to and/or
telling that you have send the payment, and indicating contact data (
your name and at least two different e-mail addresses, and/or fax number to be sure that we can respond). Then, you will receive the necessary download information.


ImgMan   Secure ORDER FORM


Your credit card data will be prcessed by other, secure order form. The card data will only be processed by InternetSecure (Canada), and NOT stored in any file or send to any other place. 

The price of the program is US $ 19.00.

Note: The address you provide while ordering must be the same as appears on your credit card statement.

Press the Secure Order Form button to continue.

For any other information contact : Stanislaw Raczynski,

Consult also: PASION home page


Help/service tel. no. 55 56 55 44 67
Merchant street address: U.ISSFAM C-11-203, Mexico DF, Mexico
Delivery: download

Return/Refund policy. As the program is delivered by download, it hardly can be returned. However, we are ready to refund your order if you cannot use the software. This includes any bugs or malfunction you might found in the product or any other founded reason. In this case please contact Raczynski Consulting directly by the e-mail addres 

Privacy policy. All credit cards presented to InternetSecure are securely directed to the financial institution that issued the credit card, no matter where in the world. You, the customer, are notified of approval or decline within 15 to 30 seconds depending on your Internet connection.
In order for a merchant to be certified with us to accept credit cards, we require that merchants adhere to all of our security and business ethics requirements. In addition, your credit card number is NOT given to the merchant or kept on any computer attached to the Internet. To ensure consumer privacy, InternetSecure will not sell, rent or divulge any personal information about this transaction to any third party other than the merchant that is listed below and your bank. (upon notification of a dispute). Once certified, we continually monitor all merchants on an ongoing basis to ensure compliance.

Further details of our privacy can be viewed at:

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