NEW FEATURE: Now Mesh++ can import and export STL files.

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Mesh++ is a simple 3D graphics tool. It permits to create complex arbitrary shapes out of an initial shape like a sphere, ellipsoid, box etc. After creating an initial shape you can deform it like a sculptor. Pushing or pulling out sets of points permits you to create fantastic shapes. Then you can define color, scale, light position, cut the shape or merge it with other shapes prepared and stored earlier. For example, the above duck image is one shape pulled out of an initial ellipsoid (only the eyes have been "merged" for other shapes). 

Some shapes like deformed geometrical figures can be created rapidly. More complicated forms need many small deformations and corrections, and the whole task may be difficult, like the sculptor work is. For example, to create a human face may take several hours of work. Preparing smaller details as a separate shapes may help. The shapes can be merged with a bigger, main body. While pasting the sub-shapes you can change their size and move them where you want.

The deformation procedure consists in pulling or pushing a selected point. The neighbour points will follow the movements, like the parts of deformed elastic material. The deformation is somewhat "intelligent". If you enlarge a part of the surface, then the program will add new points to preserve the overall shape resolution. Basic resolutions vary from 2048 to 32768 triangle surface elements, and may grow during  deformation and merging operations up to 100000 elemets.


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