A GREAT SMALL program for

quick 3d graphics

No OpenGl, no dll's, no other

software needed

A small size self-sufficient program with a 3d graphics editor
Remember: Small is beautiful !

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All  you need is a PC with Windows 95/98/2000 minimum 16 RAM, recommended 450 Mhz or faster, 16 or 24-bit color resolution, screen resolution 800x600 or better. 

You can create amazing 3D scenarios using geometrical figures like a box, sphere, ellipsoide, rectangle, cylinder, cone, irregular shape and others. You can paste a selected or user-defined bitmap on the surface of the figures. You can replicate objects over lines or circles, make them brillant or mate, or "randomize" them that creates interesting visual effects. Of course you can view your scenarios from different angles and change the light position. The image resolution is much more better than that of the images on this page, because these are compressed JPG images. Better try the program. You can download the free demo version from here. To order the full version for only US $ 19 visit please  http://www.raczynski.com/img/ordimg.htm
Note that the program is being frequently improved and updated. However, the demo you download may not be the last version. Of course, if you order the complete version, you will receive the last update.

NEW : Reflective surfaces are supported. 

If you have downloaded the demo version, see examples. Use the File-Open main menu option.

  Other ImgMan feature: Impressionistic style

Contact: Stanislaw Raczynski
P.O.Box 22-783
14000 Mexico D.F.Mexico
E-mail :


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