Copyright Stanislaw Raczynski, 2018

Dutils unit includes more than 60 procedures and functions that can be used from the Delphi code. The actual platform is Windows 10 and RAD Studio 10.2, but most of the procedures can be used also with other versions of Delphi and Windows. Dutils contains tools that may help you to handle screen-related code, creation of custom menus, confirmation and information boxes, 2d and 3d function plots, system of linear equations, matrix operations, other useful mathematic items, spline functions, binary sorting and more.
You obtain the unit in the form of .pas Delphi file, more than 1900 lines. You can use or edit the code as you wish, including the whole unit or it part to your source code.
Dutils includes the following:
* Screen-related tools
*  Menus, dialogs
*  Plots (2d and 3d)
* Some useful math functions
    including linear equations, spline functions and other
* Random variable generators, various distributions
* Other auxiliary procedures

Example menu. User-defined colors
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