Bond graph simulator BONDGSX has been designed to create, edit, analyze and simulate models given in the form of bond graphs.  The user creates the bond graph on the screen, and defines necessary parameters. Then the program generates the corresponding equations, compiles them and simulates. The user can see the generated equations. The node parameters, like the mass, inductance or resistance may be defined as constants of variables. Such variables may be defined by the user at run time, changed and stored in a file, together with the initial conditions for the state variables. They appear in the equations as parameters P1,2,3... .
There are three simulation modes:
* Simple run - the equations are integrated and the result shown as the time-plot for all model variables.
* Varying parameter - in this mode the user selects a parameter and defines the lower and higher values as well as the number of steps for the parameter change. The program executes multiple simulations changing the parameter, and displays the resulting time plots, as shown on the figure at the right.
* Time functions - the user can assign a function of time, like step function, Dirac's pulse, sinoidal, etc., to a selected parameter. For example, this may be an external excitation force at an effort source node.

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Installation NOTE: If your system generates a warning before installing, press the "More information" spot and install anyway. It is recommended to check the bondseup.exe file with your anti-virus tool, to be sure that is is clean.