Simulation System (free basic version)
Blues Simulation System:  C++ source code generator  C++ version of the PSM++ Simulation Package
Bluesss is compatible with  C++Builder Starter.  Bluesss creates C++ source code for your model. You can run and edit it using C++Builder.
Bluesss stands for Blues Simulation System. It is a new version of the package PSM++ that, in turn, evolved from the PASION (PAScal simulatION) software. The main difference is that PSM++ produces the Delphi Pascal code, and Bluesss generates C++ code.
It is an object-oriented, simulation package, which uses the Bluesss language for the model specification. The language has a clear process/event structure and is equipped with appropriate environment. Bluesss translator generates a C++ source code. The actual version generates code compatible with the Embarcadero  (TM) C++Builder  Starter (Studio 10.2). 

The BASIC VERSION contains a fully operational Bluesss-to-C++ translator, help files and examples. It does not include some source code generators provided in the full version.
Good news: Bluesss works with the free C++Builder Starter. You don't have to buy any expensive additional software. NEW: free Bluesss basic version download:

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